Don’t do it for the Money

22 April 2010 by , No Comments

In order to succeed today you must keep your options, and more importantly keep your mind open. At the age of 25, I clearly remember the day my life was changed forever. A mentor of mine told me “for things to change you must change, change how you think and realize that everything you have been taught about business and making money in the traditional education system was never designed to help people create wealth.” The word “entrepreneur” never graced the pages of the books I had studied in school. It’s almost comical now as I look back and realize that not one of my teachers or professors were wealthy, so how in the world would any of them be able to teach me how to create wealth? It just made common sense; unfortunately common sense isn’t so common these days!

The first real business education for me was when I made the decision to join a network marketing opportunity at the age of 25. I attribute all of my successes to the education and real life experience I had gained in the three short years within this company. I refer to this experience as my “business school”. Because of this profound life experience it is my belief that everyone at some time in his or her life should join a solid network marketing business with a dynamic training program for the person it will make of you. Devote 3 to 5 years with a goal to make it to the top of the business plan, you will be amazed what you will learn and more importantly who you will become in the process. Don’t join for the sake of making money, join for the experience you will gain along the way.

Leadership, mental and emotional toughness, spirituality, personal growth, self confidence, business ownership, the power of residual income, leverage and philanthropy are just some of the life lesson’s you will acquire to name a few. One thing for sure is that you will become more valuable to the marketplace, a better friend, a better parent, a better spouse and a better contributor to society just for “going through the process”.

Who should consider this 3 to 5 year journey? Everyone! If you are “on the job” as an employee, this is for you. If you are a small business owner, this is definitely for you. If you are a professional, i.e. Doctor, Lawyer, etc, this is most certainly for you. If you are a student, this is for you. If you are a successful multi-millionaire, this is also for you.

I believe that everyone should truly have had this experience at least once in his or her life; it will make you a “better you”. More importantly I believe that this is should not be viewed as an “opportunity”, but rather a “responsibility” we all must accept to help educate the masses on the topic of entrepreneurship. Everyone should have access to the “right education” that can inspire and empower all to financial independence and the opportunity to live abundant lives.

Mike Craig